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See the difference with modern cataract surgical techniques and technology.

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Dr. Mack is committed to the latest techniques and developments in cataract surgery. He utilizes a sutureless cataract surgery technique, and most patients' cataract surgeries are completed in less than 15 minutes. Because of his skill in the operating room, he has developed a strong reputation as a leader in Cataract Surgery in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey.

Dr. Mack implants the latest technology Intraocular Lenses, including the Panoptix IOL, which can correct Distance vision, Reading vision, and Astigmatism all at once.


Dr. Mack performs Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, enabling his patients to have the best possible outcomes while reducing healing times, and reducing astigmatism. For more information, please click on the LenSx image below to read more about this innovative technology.


With Cataract Surgery, Dr. Mack can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses for Distance Vision, Reading Vision, or both.

Dr. Mack will discuss which lens options are right for you and your active lifestyle, and how the addition of LenSx Cataract Surgery can improve you outcome.

Cataract Patients: Please click here for more information about Cataracts and what to expect with Cataract Surgery.

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